This was a 2018 – 2019 fire sprinkler design project that had several layers to it. It finally became the Get Air Trampoline Park in Revere MA, but the space has been through many changes. We originally were treating it as an empty space, and the owner wanted to save the existing pipe. We were able to do that by adding a new feed main to disconnect the existing grid from the box store next door.

The next problem was the water supply. It was terrible. We eventually did 3 hydrant flow tests (yeah we do that too) to accurately determine the municipal supply capability. We also had to draw up the existing sprinkler system since the original system drawing had disappeared long ago.

When it became Get Air we then had to evaluate how to raise the pipe to a safe level, and we consulted with several engineers to determine the flammability of the trampolines and the foam blocks used for safety.

For a simple building it turned into a complex project.