As a business owner, do you know the very best, most robust and reliable way to protect both your business assets as well as protect the safety of your employees?

No, it’s not hiring security guards.  And no, it’s not installing burglar alarms.

It’s installing fire sprinklers.  If fire sprinklers had been installed in the tire warehouse above, it would still be standing.  The tires would still be for sale.  People would still have jobs.

The most successful and dependable way to protect your property is to install an automatic fire sprinkler system. It provides automatic fire detection, alarm and firefighting capability at all hours of the day and night, 365 days of the year.

Commercial and industrial buildings fitted with sprinkler systems simply do not burn down to the ground. Fire sprinklers prevent major losses by turning a potential disaster into an inconvenience and they do so with irrefutable reliability.

Safety at Work

Ensuring employee safety should always be top priority.  Businesses should provide proper measures for fire protection, fire prevention, and evacuation drills in preparation in an emergency.  A properly designed and installed fire sprinkler system is the most trustworthy, efficient method with a reliability rating of very nearly 100% (sometimes the main valve gets shut down for maintenance or testing and they forget to turn it back on “live”, or it would be 100%).  It’s been shown time and time again, for nearly 100 years; fire sprinklers give the precious asset of time.  Time for employees to leave the area/building and time for firemen to arrive (in most cases, the fire is extinguished or controlled before they arrive).

Minimizing Loss

Warehouse type businesses tend to see the biggest losses from fire, but all types of businesses such as entertainment venues, restaurants, offices, manufacturing and retail, can benefit from installing fire sprinklers.  In 2013, according to US insurance industry estimates, fires caused a loss of $295 million a day.  That’s a few million in assets going up in smoke every hour.  The cheapest insurance is not to lose your assets in the first place.  Protect lives and property with a properly designed fire sprinkler system.

Furthermore, buildings are usually uninhabitable after a fire. In comparison, a premise protected by a sprinkler system can usually be back in use in a short time, and the rest of the building will most often be unaffected. A valuable asset sprayed with water from a sprinkler can often be recovered or restored in comparison to one that has been burnt to a cinder and completely destroyed.  Sprinklers allow you to maintain normal operations and stay open for business.

Installing a fire sprinkler system is a small price to pay to prevent a business’ hard earned success from going up in flames.

Sprinklers can save a building, its contents, and an employee or fire fighter’s life from the devastating effects of fire.

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